Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Topics - 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Being a brand new blogger, I figured participating in a link up (hosted by Life. Love. Lauren. & Austin Family Diary) would help me introduce myself into the blogging world.

I have being brainstorming a bunch of different post ideas, but I'm the type of person who won't publish something unless I know that it'll be perfect (ugh). So I think this link up will help me establish myself while letting everyone know a little bit more about me!

Please bear with me while I'm still trying to figure out my design and the direction I would like to take this blog!

Today's Topic: Ten Things That Make You Happy

1. Waking up naturally by the sun, not having to rush to get out of bed, and just enjoying the moment of serenity that a new day brings.

2. Finishing a series I love on Netflix. Well, this is kind of bittersweet, but sometimes I get to the point where I'll actually stop watching a show just because I don't want it to end. When I actually finish one, it's definitely an accomplishment!

3. Warm weather and spending the day in it. I've been so excited that it's been nice out recently, and I can't wait to enjoy this upcoming four day weekend!

4. Catching up with old friends. After moving to Pennsylvania, keeping up with my friends from high school is definitely a challenge. But thankfully there's social media and cell phones to bring us all together.

5. Window shopping. I'll be honest, spending money sort of makes me nervous. I'm always afraid that I won't have enough money or that I'll regret my purchase a few hours later. But I absolutely love shopping! So window shopping and getting to try things on are a solid middle ground.

6. Cuddling with my puppy, Raven, in bed. Or just cuddling in general. My boyfriend and I are huge cuddlers, and the fact that we managed to find a puppy who loves to snuggle as much as we do.. it's like the perfect family. Plus, she's just adorable!

7. Being taken out on surprise dates. I love it when my boyfriend go out to do something homely (like grocery shopping) and he surprises me by taking me out to ice cream, dinner, etc. It just makes boring errands so much more worthwhile.

8. Coffee. My favorites are International Delight's Mocha iced coffee, a Java Chip from Starbucks, or freshly brewed & hot Folgers with hazelnut creamer.

9. The feeling of being in love. Absolute bliss.

10. Daydreaming about the future. I have so many things that I want to do in my life and sometimes it feels like it's been taking too long for my life to begin. But it's definitely important to step back and enjoy life right here and right now.

With Love,


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  1. All of those things are lovely. :)

  2. Love your list!! Surprise dates are SO fun! And I live for the days I can wake up naturally without being in a mad dash to get ready and get out the door - AMAZING!


  3. Welcome to the world of blogging! I can't wait to read more from you! 9 and 10 are the best!!!